About us

We are a team of passionate men and women brought together by our common belief that people deserve to live better lives. We seek to solve people's problems by providing remedy to their problems from nature. We also seek to revolutionize e-commerce by introducing an efficient e-commerce store to distribute our products. In pursuit of this, we deliver products all over Kenya at no additional cost.  We strive to deliver the products within 48 hours from the time a client places an order. 

Finally, we also offer an life changing opportunity to anyone who is interested. We offer a chance to enter the company and earn better livelihoods through profits from sale of already provided Forever Living products. In addition, Forever Living has amazing incentives for those who thrive in the business. 

Enjoy shopping with us, or better still fill in the form in the business opportunity page for a chance to change your life. 

Forever Living Kenya 

The Aloe Vera Company

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